*As far as Tyga‘s latest money woes and possible jail time is concerned, all’s well that ends well. If you hadn’t heard, the rapper’s former landlord got a $480,000 judgment for back rent and damage to a crib he rented to Tyga in Malibu.

TMZ sources say Tyga’s attorney and the landlord’s law firm just settled the case.

The settlement is said to be for less than the $480,000, but no one is saying how many cents on the dollar Tyga’s coughing up.

On the other hand, we know this … there’s a long line of Tyga’s creditors who haven’t gotten paid a dime, so the former landlord is ahead of the game.

As for the warrant … Tyga’s lawyer will go to court Friday and ask the judge to withdraw it because the case settled. The judge does have the option to refuse, on grounds the settlement is irrelevant and the real issue is that Kylie’s BF defied the court by failing to appear.