Viola Davis get animated while Will Smith (R) and Joel Kinnaman (L) look on. (MMoore Photo)

Viola Davis gets animated at Skylight Moynihan Station in New York City while Will Smith (R) and Joel Kinnaman (L) look on. (MMoore Photo)

*Viola Davis’ consummate career has taken many turns, from gloriously biting the hand that fed her in “The Help,” to getting viewers to eat out of her hands in TV’s “How to Get Away With Murder.

Davis gets away with more than murder in “Suicide Squad.” She puts her foot up the butts of some of the universe’s most lethal villains.

Davis plays Amanda Waller, a U.S. Intelligence Officer who recruits super villains for secret missions to defeat enigmatic entities threatening the universe.

She is the puppet master to a crew of mass destructors. Asked how she got into the character, Davis explained the dark place to which she went.

“Well, Joel (Kinnaman) gave me a book called ‘Confessions of a Sociopath.’ I read that book extensively. It’s the confessions of a woman who’s a sociopath, and one of the things I found out is a lot of CEOs of companies are sociopaths.”


“People who have no guilt,” she went on to say, “and if they cry they’re only crying because they feel like they’re losing control. Also, I tapped into Viola at eight because I can’t tap into Viola at 51. At eight, I could beat somebody’s ass. I was just always angry because people were always teasing me. I was bullied. With me, I’m always apologizing. I’m shy, and I’m always retreating. I never tap into my power and Amanda Waller is not that. She is unapologetically brutal.”

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller in 'Suicide Squad.' (Clay Enos/ TM & (c) DC Comics)

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller in ‘Suicide Squad.’ (Clay Enos/ TM & (c) DC Comics)

Kinnaman, who was also at the Skylight at Moynihan Station in New York City along with cast and filmmakers, jumped in and said, “Yes, she did not retreat at all. It was pretty much every day that me and Viola had together on set. David (Ayer), the director, would call on her to come and stand behind the camera and then she’d stand behind the camera and just yell mean things at me. She would  be like, ‘Hey Joel, Joel, Flag. Ya little bitch. Punk ass bitch.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, okay.’ Good morning.” That was my experience.”

“Suicide Squad” opens Friday, August 5.


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