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April Sutton (L, front row), Roland Bynum (R, front row); Ron Brewington (L, rear row) and Johnny Morris (R, rear row). Morris is the Operations Manager, Roscoe’s Media Center

*Veteran television journalist April Sutton and veteran broadcaster Roland Bynum were the guests Monday(08/01/16) on “The Actor’s Choice” with host Ron Brewington.

The lovely and talented Sutton hails from the great state of Ohio. She says other well-known “Buckeye” beauties include Halle Berry and Jayne Kennedy.

When asked about how she prepared for the hundreds of interviews that she conducted during her 10 year stint with BET as the first hired Hollywood on-air talent, Sutton said: “I think you really have to listen and pay attention to what is being said.”

She added: “You also have to do your research ahead of time.”

During the interview, Sutton talks about:

* Leaving BET and working for Geraldo Rivera.
* Covering many major events including the O.J. Simpson trial.
*Becoming a committed advocate for Tanzanian poor.
* Founding the now-annual Diversi-Tea Celebration – where numerous LA diplomats, and consul generals ate acknowledged.
*Being named “Ambassador” in 2011.
*What’s it like being with world leaders at the famous United Nations Building in New York City.
*Wearing trademark sun glasses.

Bynum got his start in broadcasting 53 years ago in radio station WAPX, Montgomery, AL.

Over the years, he has been associated with tremendous new changes in broadcasting as the technology has greatly improved, making the industry one of the most widely known industries in the world.

In 1967, Bynum got hired at KGFJ-AM radio as a disc jockey. Four years later, he was promoted to program director, after jock Montague (‘Burn, Baby, Burn’) left the station.

While still at KGFJ-AM, Bynum joined the American Forces Radio Network in 1970, where he was heard by U.S. military personnel all around the world. He stayed 15 years with the organization.

“I still get emails from people who listened to me in Iceland, Japan, Germany, and all over the world,” reflects Bynum. “It was an amazing thing.”

Bynum is now on KJLH Radio Free 102.3, and is heard each and every Saturday morning from 5:00AM until 9:00AM, cranking out his own style of oldies music.

Bynum also talks about:

*Having a Masters degree in broadcasting and being a teacher.
*Having worked at KJLH Radio Free 102.3 for 17 years.
*Having a famous uncle, singer “Smokey” Robinson.
*Paying attention to what listeners like to hear.
*The romance between the record industry and the broadcasting industry.

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