*Actor Wendell Pierce is going through some tough times as of late due to the massive flooding in his home state of Louisiana. Pierce, along with thousands of others in the state, lost his home in Baton Rouge. Meanwhile the area continues to be engulfed with historic rainfall and flooding.

Unfortunately, Pierce, 52, has been through this situation before. According to MSN’s Wonderwall, his childhood home was also destroyed during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

“My neighbors & I have flooded in Baton Rouge. I am reminded of the generosity given to my family during Katrina. Now we will care for you,” he tweeted on Sunday. He added that “faith and family is all we need.”

TMZ caught up with Pierce on Monday at LAX where he quite e motional discussing his loss. While fighting to maintain his composure, he said he had come from Louisiana and was going to head back.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” he said. “I lost everything.”


Asked whether he had a message to send to the people in this home state, he said, “No message. Private pain.” He also declined to specify how he made it out of his home before the rising waters took over.

Meanwhile, a friend of his wondered what they would find once the water dissipated, the actor tweeted:

“You will find heirlooms @roddreher that will have been changed in a way that brings new meaning to them. Inanimate objects brought to life.”

Seven people had died because of the storms and flooding as of Monday (08-15-16).

For more on the Louisiana storms and flooding, go to the Weather Channel.