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*Ch-ch-changes are going down behind-the-scenes on the “Wendy Wiliams Show.” And it’s speculated that it’s a result of the recent NAACP/HBCU dust up that we told you about last month.

Page Six is reporting that “Wendy” producer Jason Gabel and at least two other senior staff members were shown the door.

“The crew had a big party celebrating what they considered a season well done,” we’re told, and “the next day [some of them] got calls saying they’d been let go.”

We’re told execs want to retool the show, adding more current-affairs coverage and pop culture.

Wendy Williams found herself at the center of a furor after saying she doesn’t believe in the NAACP or historically black colleges, because there is no “white” equivalent.

She quickly apologized for the remarks.

Show reps declined to comment.

EUR FLASHBACK: Wendy Williams Apologizes to Roland Martin, but Gets Schooled Again (VIDEO)

*As we reported earlier, Wendy Williams got her arse handed to her by social media and Roland Martin in particular after she made her ill-advised comments denouncing HBCUs and the NAACP last week on her show.  However, today, they were together on Wendy’s purple couch where he dropped even more knowledge and enlightened her on why she was misinformed, and guess what, getting her to apologize.

“I can admit when I’m wrong. I’m a soldier,” she said after showing an introductory clip of his rousing segment where he notoriously told her to “shut the hell up.”

After thanking him for accepting her invitation to appear on her show, she admitted to never being “scared for being wrong,” before publicly apologizing for her words.

“First, I want to apologize to everyone that I might have offended regarding my remarks,” she said. “I was wrong.”

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She then asked the News One Now host to explain why she was wrong in her sentiments that HBCUs and the NAACP were obsolete. In his explanation, he gave a thorough and historically sound rundown on why HBCUs were created and why they are needed in today’s still “newly fully free” Black society.

“When it comes to our colleges, we couldn’t go to those schools,” he said. “As a matter of fact, we couldn’t read during slavery. You could be killed if you were found to be reading. So, that’s why it is so critically important… Our institutions are allowing us to survive in America even though we built this country.”

As he was wrapping up his time with Wendy, Martin offered some advice to young black men and women who may face the police in the future.

“Your job is to get home,” he said. “Now, that’s hard… Don’t make any quick movements, but you also maintain your dignity, and that is, if I’m being treated badly by a cop, I’ma get through that situation, but I’m looking at the cop number, I’m looking at the license plate, ’cause I’m calling somebody after this is over.”

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