Chris Brown (Instagram)

Chris Brown (Instagram)

*Police recovered guns and drugs outside the home of Chris Brown early this morning after they saw him throw a duffel bag out of the window, which turned out to have at least one gun and drugs inside, according to TMZ.  At press time, cops were outside of the residence waiting for him to surrender.

Watch TMZ’s live stream outside the property below:

This all started when a woman called 911 claiming the singer had threatened her with a gun.

According to TMZ, LAPD were got to the scene at around 3 a.m. That’s when multiple sources say officers saw him throw a duffel bag out the window while taunting them, saying “Come and get me.”  Two sources said in addition to weapons, there were drugs in the tossed duffel bag.

TMZ also notes that the woman who called 911 is a “beauty pageant title holder.”

Brown has since posted a video to Instagram, explaining how cops regularly harass him, and that he doesn’t “f*** ugly b*tches, trifling b*tches.”

“I’m innocent, f*** everybody. I’m tired of this s**t,” he said.

Watch below: