*Raymond Scott (AKA Benzino), formally part of VH1’s most popular reality show “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” had been in a long-standing feud with his nephew before and the nephew shot him during a funeral procession for his mom.

Benzino’s business partner Dave Mays said back in 2014 that the shooting was the result of a feud the two men had several years ago over stolen money. Shortly after the shooting, Gai Scott, Benzino’s nephew, was arrested and accused of armed assault with intent to murder.

The hip hop producer stopped by VladTV to talk about how his nephew confessed to shooting him at his mother’s funeral, the no-snitch code of the streets, and his father’s ties to the mafia.

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He made it clear that he never pointed out his nephew as the one who shot him, and the only reason people found out is because his nephew confessed. This led to Benzino and Vlad engaging in a conversation about snitching.

“If you sit there and say yea he shot me, and he gonna do 100 years, that’s snitching on him… the reason why that code is so important is because when you’re in the streets, and you’re doing dirt you don’t want people snitching on you…” Benzino explained this is something he taught his children as well. “We don’t tell on anybody.” ” We’re living in some f**ked up times right now when I grew up it was different; you would get f**ked up royally for snitching.”

He added, “I never want my kids to go through half the sh*t I’ve been through, not even a quarter…” Benzino has worked hard to keep his children out of the streets, and he says his parenting style stems from his father who had ties to the Italian, Irish, and Columbian Mafia. “Whatever he told me to do I did,” he said.

Check out Zino’s interview via the clip above.