*On the Aug. 30 edition of “The Breakfast Club,” host Charlamagne Tha God chose The Blaze‘s Tomi Lahren for his “Donkey of The Day” segment.

Following San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the national anthem, Lahren went on a delusional, race-baiting rant about how Colin is anti-white. She also attacks his family while questioning if he has the right to protest because of his wealth, and because his adoptive parents are white.

During the segment, the conservative host says that the quarterback should not blame white people for Black people’s problems.

“Colin, how dare you sit there and blame white people for the problems [in] the minority communities?” Lahren asks rhetorically. “After all, aren’t you half white? Didn’t two white parents adopt you after yours weren’t willing to raise you? For a racist and horrible country filled with racist and horrible white people, that’s really something, isn’t it?”

Fortunately, Charlamagne noted that the QB never mentions white people in his announcement about the protest.

“Tomi, when did Colin Kaepernick blame white people for anything?” He asks. “I read the 20-minute transcripts. I listened to it. He doesn’t even mention white people. [Kaepernick] says there’s things going on in this country that are unjust. And that people aren’t being held accountable for it. He said ‘People!’ He didn’t say ‘white people,’ he said ‘people!’”

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Check out the clip of Charlamagne addressing Tomi and the controversy above.

Meanwhile, Lahren has responded to the online criticism she’s receiving following her rant against Kaepernick.

“You hate me, threaten me and want to fire me, silence me and kill me for expressing my opinion on your boy, Colin Kaepernick.’ she said. “How does that work? Oh, that’s right. You only believe in free speech when if fits your narrative, the victim narrative.”

“So you use your free speech not to formulate an articulate response, no, but to sling profanity and poorly spelled tweets at me. Mature. Or freedom of expression to march with your Black Lives Matter signs and burn down your neighborhood. But hold up. That’s not protected expression. And those threats: also not protected.

“Here’s the deal. I have a lot of haters. But for every one hater, I have five supporters,” she said.

Watch her full “Final Thoughts” segment here:

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