Morning game mood

Morning game mood

*A Pennsylvania state corrections officer is being charged with animal cruelty after a drug-detecting yellow Lab in his care died in July, after being left in a hot car for over two hours.  

The 2-year-old Totti had been left in the locked car for over two hours during a training exercise, according to a Department of Corrections investigation.  Several tried to cool the dog down after she was removed from the car, but she died later after being taken to a vet for treatment.

Both Sgt. Chad Holland and his supervisor were removed from their positions and reassigned.

I can’t stand being in a closed, hot car for two minutes, so I can’t imagine being trapped in one for over two hours.  What a way to die…even for a dog.

But I’m not sure we should be charging the corrections officer, unless there’s evidence that he meant to lock the dog in the car.  

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