Eleven year old Baltimore multi-award winning actor/filmmaker Anthony Michael Hobbs.

Eleven year old Baltimore multi-award winning actor/filmmaker Anthony Michael Hobbs.

*Multi-award winning actor/filmmaker Anthony Michael Hobbs (Emmy nominated “The Abolitionist”), returns to the Gary International Black Film Festival (GIBFF) to screen his latest short film Naga Pixie, an Imagination Lunchbox production. Naga Pixie will screen during the 6th annual Gary International Black Film Festival (GIBFF), occurring October 14 – 16, 2016.

Hobbs’ first short film One Nation won the 2015 GIBFF Award for “Best Youth Short”. The Gary International Black Film Festival will be held at the Indiana University Northwest (3400 Broadway, Gary, IN 46408) in the Bergland Auditorium.

The Gary International Black Film Festival is a nonprofit organization. It supports community building by bringing audiences and artists together through film. The three day event offers panel discussions, matinee screenings for middle and high school youth, and chats with filmmakers, industry professionals and local community leaders.

On August 14th a special red carpeted screening of Naga Pixie was held at the Arbutus Volunteer Firehouse Community Hall in Maryland were casts and supporters enjoyed photo opportunities with guest Iron Man (courtesy Heroes for Hire) and tons of pizza, refreshments, cake and ice cream (courtesy Papa Johns, Dominos and Giant Food Store). Naga Pixie stars Anthony Michael Hobbs as Jason and Trinity Breanne Perio as Naga Pixie. Jason (Hobbs) teams up with his friends as he tries to figure out why Naga Pixie (Perio) is always nagging them about things they think are trivial such as not hurting animals and respecting nature. Naga Pixie also stars Trey Feledy (Alex Hamilton), Kayla Johnson (Serena Keith) and features Danny Palmer, Thomas Johnson, Kendall Clark, Noah Thomas and Amanda Trinh.

Anthony Michael Hobbs (center) with casts of his 2nd film Naga Pixie at red carpeted screening in Maryland with Iron Man.

Anthony Michael Hobbs (center) with casts and Iron Man at his 2nd film Naga Pixie’s red carpeted screening in Maryland.

Naga Pixie is the award winning actors’ second film. His first project, One Nation, was a serious but light film about a group of multi-racial elementary school kids who get together to do something special for veterans in their neighborhood that were coming back home from the Iraq war. This project was screened in 10 film festivals upon release in 2014 and Anthony Michael won four awards. Hobbs was just nine years-old when he wrote, directed, produced and starred in the funny and uplifting One Nation. On September 30th Hobbs will be releasing his third short film titled Agent Hollywood where he plays an undercover kids agent who is also a Hollywood celebrity.  Hobbs is only eleven years-old but is a well accomplished actor (DreamWorks’s “How to Train Your Dragon: Dragons and Dinosaurs”), filmmaker and model (Finish Line Athletics).

Watch the movie trailer to “Naga Pixie” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4VOK0vLGCk.  Watch the trailer for the PBS mini-series “The Abolitionist” where Hobbs plays a young Frederick Douglass, which shows him in a scene at http://video.pbs.org/video/2321796209 or watch the trailer for DreamWorks’s “How to Train Your Dragon:  Dragons and Dinosaurs” where he has a starring role at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bekKOmfsWfc  For more information on Anthony Michael Hobbs log onto www.anthony-michael.com, www.IMDb.com or contact his management at 410-908-4869.

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