Principal Zatiti Moody, Fetty Wap*A principal at Eastside High School landed in hot water after he allowed rapper Fetty Wap to film a music video inside the school, and after an investigation into the incident, administrators agreed that the New Jersey principal should be disciplined.

For the first time, Eyewitness News spoke to Principal Zatiti Moody who was suspended the entire summer for violating school policy. According to reports, the video made by Fetty Wap kicked off a firestorm of criticism because it was shot inside Eastside High School and focused on drugs, alcohol and sex.

Principal Zatiti Moody says he received proper approval from his superiors to allow the production.

“I have evidence and proof to show that I did not violate the policy,” Moody said, adding that he has documents showing that he did everything by the books.

All the siliceous elements of the video: drawings of drugs and alcohol, and shots of a woman on a pole, were all added in post-production editing. Still — many felt the video sent a negative message about Paterson schools.

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“There were never any drugs or alcohol inside Eastside High School, I made sure of it,” Moody said.

Students have been supportive of Mr. Moody. A report recommends putting a letter in his personnel file, but the principal is not letting it go that easy.

“I’m really disappointed. Most people look at me and thought that this was a slap on the wrist, a letter in your file, but the truth of the matter is I did not violate the policy,” Moody said.

Mr. Moody wants to sit down with the superintendent to discuss his case and the video, and he also believes Fetty Wap and his manager, both from Paterson, deserves an explanation.

“I was treated unfairly and so were they. These young people just wanted to give back to their community,” Moody said.

Watch his clip below: