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Morgan Carey

*INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian exclusively speaks with Mariah Carey’s brother, Morgan Carey, who accuses the superstar of abandoning their troubled sister Alison.

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Last week, Alison, who has battled drugs in the past, was arraigned on prostitution charges after police say she placed an ad online advertising sex. She has pled not guilty.

INSIDE EDITION sits down with Morgan and his wife Ilaria in Florence, Italy, where the couple lives, to discuss his broken relationship with his mega-famous sister. “Mariah just doesn’t care about anyone but herself,” he says, “and it’s always been that way.”

Morgan, a model and music producer, says that he and Mariah used to be close. He also claims that he was instrumental in launching Mariah’s career. “There wouldn’t be a Mariah Carey today if it hadn’t been for me,” he says.

mariah & alison carey

Mariah and Alison Carey

But Morgan says he and Mariah haven’t spoken in six years, and he calls her “a monster” because he says she refuses to help Alison, even after their sister recorded a desperate plea for Mariah’s help.

Mariah’s publicist says she “spent hundreds of thousands of dollars” over the years to support Alison and her children.  But Morgan tells INSIDE EDITION that money is not what is needed to help Alison. He says, “She’s given a heroin addict money in the past. Is that helpful? Let’s make sure Alison’s needs are met. But not in a way that she’s enabled to go off and do damage to herself.”

Morgan also says that he fears retaliation from Mariah and her fans for speaking out, and even says he moved to Florence because he doesn’t feel safe in the U.S.

When INSIDE EDITION asks why he’s afraid of Mariah, he says, “It’s about protecting this fiction that she’s created – this image she’s created. It’s about keeping the darkest secrets covered up.”

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