Curvy Fashionista
*Style maven and brand ambassador Marie Denee began blogging in the fall of 2008 in effort to empower women and help them upgrade their wardrobe. The Atlanta-based business woman created the Curvy Fashionista, which today boasts more than 500,000 Facebook fans and a dedicated readership.

“I want women to feel acknowledged, appreciated, and welcomed, knowing that there is a plus size community for them, designers who cater to them, and a place that they can engage and interact with those who look like them,” Denee told about her website, which pulls in millions of views each month. “It really is about providing resources and a building community.”

Denee says her mission is to include her fellow fashionistas in every step of her journey by offering eye-popping photos and videos of her style, and she has built partnerships with several fashion lines. Her latest project is a campaign with Old Navy.

“I love being able to bring them the newest and latest in plus size fashion. So that means creating and establishing relationships with brands, designers, bloggers, and my readers,” she explained. “My readers know that if it is fashion newsworthy, it is on the site! I really try hard to be THAT resource! I also try to be as consistent as possible, by posting news, inspiration, and fashion everyday.”

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Denee acknowledges that being an influential blogger in the image-conscious style world has its challenges.

“What I have learned the most these past years is to believe in yourself. As a full-time blogger, I’ve had moments of second guessing my walk, path and purpose. You do not have the luxury of being under someone else’s umbrella or brand. It is all you,” she said. “On this walk, you learn just who you are and what you are made out of. Conversely, you learn just how high you can soar. This is a roller coaster and being bold in the face of fear is both scary and exhilarating!”

Ready to take your style to the next level? Check out a few of Marie’s chic summer looks for curvy ladies here, which include adding shorts suits to your wardrobe and showing off a bit of leg (see pics below.

blogger Marie Denee

blogger Marie Denee