NeneLeakes2LR Credit – Cristina Aguirre/NBC

NeNe Leakes and Steve Harvey

*NeNe Leakes and Sheryl Underwood will be guests on a special Wednesday episode of “The Steve Harvey Show” that’s all about celebrating his other gig, “Celebrity Family Feud.” Both ladies will discuss the episode they taped over the summer.

Additionally, NeNe will address rumors that she is no longer on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and fills Steve in on what her relationship is like now with GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and if she will be campaigning for him.

“I really did like him a lot,” NeNe said of her time on Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. “But this orange man that’s talking on TV, I don’t know who that is. …He says the craziest stuff. Like, no. I will not be campaigning for The Trump.”

Watch below:

As part of the specialty hour devoted to “Family Feud,” Steve is also assembling his all-time favorite contestants for the first time ever, to find out how their lives have changed since becoming viral sensations because of the crazy answers they provided on the show.