Shelia E, Prince

*Sheila E. is putting an end to rumors that she’s performing at the Prince Tribute Concert in October.

“To provide clarity and to avoid confusion, I am not scheduled to perform at the Prince Tribute Concert currently planned for October 13th,” she told Page Six in a statement. “In these months after Prince’s passing there is still much being sorted out and discussed. Among them are performances and tributes which have taken place and planned among many different groups and organizations.”

She continued, “It is appreciated that each of us; family, friends and fans find ways to display our respect and admiration for one who gave so much to so many. In the course of the days, months and years ahead I like many of you will continue to honor Prince in various ways. I thank you all for your consideration, love and support of me, all of the Paisley Park families, and the Legacy of Prince now and in the future.”

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Since Prince’s untimely death back in April, there have been many tributes to honor his legacy. BET hosted a short homage, and several cities have held public parties to celebrate his life. Prince’s hometown announced it was holding a concert at U.S. Bank Stadium on October 13, and a previous release about the event listed Sheila E. as one of the performers.

The Minnesota State Arts Board sent out a newsletter giving a few details about the upcoming concert. According to the group, the concert will feature “members of the iconic Prince Family, including Morris Day, The Revolution, and New Power Generation.”

Morris Day and The Time have confirmed they’re performing.