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*Tuesday could not come soon enough for Trevor Noah and Seth Meyers.

Both late night comics had lengthy segments mocking Donald Trump’s latest scheme to connect with African American voters by attending a black church in Detroit with Omarosa and Ben Carson – and his disturbing attempt at “dancing” along with the congregation.


On Tuesday’s “Late Night,” Meyers called the dancing, “awkwardly swaying back and forth like a dad who brought his kids to a Demi Lovato concert.”

Carson provided the comedians even more material when, after church, while taking a walk through his old neighborhood, he was asked by CNN how he thought Trump did.

In the middle of his answer about America’s inner cities needing to “be great again,” Carson yells, “Oh! My luggage!” and runs off…on live television.

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Noah ended up using Carson’s mad dash as a running joke on “The Daily Show,” with extra insight provided by Senior Campaign Correspondent Roy Wood, Jr.

Watch both late night segments on Trump and Carson’s Detroit antics below:


Perhaps President Barack Obama had the best response to Trump’s church tomfoolery, from a speech he gave in 2006:

Ironically, Obama was actually speaking about progressives who “suddenly latch onto religious terminology” during his remarks on faith and politics at the Call to Renewal’s Building a Covenant for a New America conference.