*There’s a lot that goes into luxury property upkeep, especially when the space is vacant. From ensuring that it looks its best by keeping it in tip-top shape and regular landscaping to making sure that the appliances and electronics in the home are in working order, there’s a lot to do. And just because no one is currently living there doesn’t mean that the property doesn’t need to be maintained. Here are four steps agents, managers and landlords should take to keep an empty luxury property up to par.

1. Install Automated Lighting

Luxury properties located in urban areas can benefit from automated lighting. With this futuristic and practical tech, property managers can switch on the lights from a remote location to make the house look occupied, which helps detour criminals and burglars. This way there’s no need to leave the lights on in the house throughout the entire day and night. Systems like the Philips Hue can do the job well. As a bonus, the advanced automated lighting system can be a potential selling point when chatting with buyers about the home’s features. Managers of luxury properties should also consider outdoor lights that automatically switch on when someone enters the area around the property.

2. Eliminate Pests

Pests can cause big damage. Landlords, agents and luxury property owners should do their due diligence to prevent and treat pest infestations. In addition to working with a pest management specialist, like the experts at Orkin, on a yearly basis to ensure the luxury property is pest-free, managers can take action on their own. Mosquitoes, for example, thrive where there is stagnant water, which can easily pop up in vacant spaces. By removing standing water in ponds, potted plants or birdbaths, managers can eliminate potential mosquito breeding grounds. A few additions to the landscaping can help prevent the pest, too. Cadaga tree, cedar trees, citronella grass, lavender, pineapple weed and sweet fern are all said to repel mosquitoes.

3. Have an Automated Housekeeper

Managers don’t necessarily need to hire a traditional housekeeper to keep the property clean and free of dust. Instead, tech gadgets made especially for cleaning, like iRobot’s Roomba Robot Vacuum, can keep the floors free of dust bunnies and other unsightly messes. The robot vacuum has built-in sensors that allow it to navigate from room to room, and its recharge and resume feature mean that no job is left unfinished. Plus, the Roomba Robot Vacuum can be controlled with an app. Landlords, property managers and agents simply switch on their smartphones, and with the tap of the screen they keep the luxury property in tip-top-shape.

4. Monitor the Property

Each year there are approximately 2.2 million burglaries in the U.S., according to the experts of ADT Home Security. That’s one break-in every 14 to 15 seconds. Luxury homes are a hot target for thieves and vandals. From property damage to stolen goods, agents, landlords and luxury property managers can take action to prevent these crimes. ADT reports that 87 percent of reported burglaries are preventable. Managers should lock doors and windows and install security systems around the property. Criminals tend to avoid homes with posted security protection stickers, decals and cameras, so these are worthwhile steps to take.