Amy Craton

Amy Craton

*This one’s for all of the procrastinators — present company included!  

94-year old, hearing-impaired grandmother of 12, Amy Craton, earned her Bachelor’s degree — and a 4.0 GPA

“You can’t live without knowledge!” Craton told PEOPLE magazine.  “Education is living.”  

Craton earned her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English — I’d better watch out!  She’s could be coming after my job! — from Southern New Hampshire University’s online program.  SNHU’s president flew to Craton’s Hawaii home to present her with her diploma.

“I’ve always wanted to have my degree,” Craton said.  “In the back of my mind that goal has always been there, but things get in the way, life gets in the way.  But now I did it!”

Damn, grandma!  Please allow me to be among the chorus of family and friends who extend a heartfelt congratulations!  

Craton said she decided to finish what she’d started in the 1960s for one reason:  “I like to learn!”  She had been forced to suspend her education so she could support her four children after her divorce.

“I found myself getting older, in a chair, really not having a life or doing anything,” Craton said.  “But I really like to learn.”

So in 2013, she began SNHU’s online program.

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