Popeye's employee Brooke Harpe

Popeye’s employee Brooke Harpe

*Brooke Harpe, the Popeye’s employee who had former “America Idol” finalist Bo Bice on TV in tears for referring to him as “white boy,” has done her own TV interview to explain exactly what happen and to offer an apology.

Harpe appeared on Atlanta’s Fox5 to discuss the incident and says that when Bo Bice came in to the fast food location, they were super busy.

When another employee asked her whose order was up, Brooke says that’s when she said “the white boy.”

“I didn’t mean any harm by it; I was just trying to get him his order,” said Harpe.

“I just want everyone to know I’m sorry,” she said.

Brooke says she had no idea of the uproar Bice had caused until at least two days after he posted his experience on Facebook.

“When I came into work on Sunday my managers told me about the situation and asked if I said it. I said no, no, no I didn’t say it because it was Friday and I totally forgot because nothing happened afterwards,” said Harpe.

“I just remember one of the cashiers and says who does the order go to and I accidentally said it,” said Harpe.

Brooke said she continued taking orders, unaware she’d offended anyone and says that if it had been brought to her attention at the time, she would have apologized on the spot.

“If he would have kindly asked for a manager, I would have kindly apologized for my mistake. And I’m pretty sure the managers would have taken care of the situation before it had even escalated into a big as it has gotten,” she said.

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