*Oh Lord, D.L. Hughley is on the warpath again.

This time he’s pissed at Martin Luther King III for – in his opinion – betraying Civil Rights leader Rep. John Lewis during his beef with Donald Trump.

When D.L. was asked about MLK III’s meeting with Trump, he didn’t hold back. He flat-out rips him a new one for not calling out Trump for his Twitter rant against Rep. Lewis … who walked shoulder to shoulder with MLK Jr. in the ’60s.

And as for his thoughts on why MLK III really had the meeting — D.L. offers a mercenary theory.

Dude is seriously PO’d.

Oh yeah, D.L. Hughley wants everyone crying about his “insensitive” Debbie Reynolds joke to look at themselves first. He points out that accepting Donald Trump is proof that America’s not all that sensitive.

Check out his response about the backlash he got after cracking a joke about Debbie’s death.

Dude couldn’t care less.