*Ricky Williams guested on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro and talked NFL, his most recent viral run in with the police, “Celebrity Apprentice” and more!

Ricky believes if he wasn’t famous he would have been arrested

“I’m just glad I had my drivers license on me because I don’t always carry it when I go for my walks I’m just glad I had my I.D. on me or any weed on me because this would’ve gotten really bad.”

“Alright, I know it sounds outrageous to you guys, but this happens every day, all the time. So, it just happened to be like, they did it to the wrong person.”

“I’m a corky person and so it’s kind of dangerous to be black and corky unless your famous and then you can get away with it.”

Re-watching the police incident changed Ricky’s perspective

“Oh, that changes everything.”

“I don’t I don’t think it registered until the guy that was talking to me he was kind of revved up like was already he has to do like do his job so he wasn’t even putting the pieces together because when he when he searched me he pulled my hotel my room key out of my pocket so he should’ve been able to make the connection that okay maybe he’s staying in the room but he kept questioning me.”

Ricky Williams calls Brooke Burke fake!

“Brooke Burke…Cause, I thought she was a little fake…As a human being, yeah…That’s, that’s not nice, right? …And I will say this, I’m saying that in the context of a competition where um we were going against each other. And I think, you know, my thing is I’m too, I’m too nice and I’m used to like, being on a team, and so we were on the same team, it was kind of weird for me to experience that kind of, that from a teammate, you know?”

Ricky says the falcons are going to win the Superbowl

“I think it’s Atlanta’s time. They’ve been quiet and they’re tough, Patriots are tough and to beat the Patriots you have to be gritty and tough and I think Atlanta is tough enough to beat them.”

Ricky gives a different take on Junior Seau’s death

“I played with Junior Seau, right, great guy. Junior Seau played his heart out, football was his life. It was his life. He put so much into it, when he was done, what else was he going to do to have that rich of a life–You know? I think people look at life in terms of quantity, how many years do you live? I look at life in terms of quality. How long I live, to me, whatever. How full is the life I live? To me that’s much more important…He lived his dream. He’s a hall-of-famer… Just being around him, he had so much life and so much vitality, he had so much there.”

Why Ricky believes it is ok if he dies young

“The way I look at it. I’m a warrior, that’s what I do. Warriors die young.”

Ricky believes NFL players should have lifetime health insurance

“I think the big deal with the concussion was the NFL tried to hide it. Which is silly. Which is silly to me… I think one of the things the NFL could do better is, um, I think

Ricky thinks youth football should be tackle

When asked should youth football be tackle football?
“That’s a good question. You know, I have to say yes. And here’s why–um, I think it’s important for people to learn how to be tough. Yeah, there’s other ways to do it. But, I think the lessons you learn from playing football, and how to get hit, to get dinged a little bit and be able to get back up…and the dignity and the confidence you gain from that…I have faith in our bodies’ capacity to heal. I do. I think if you start to limit what you do in life, you’re going the wrong direction. If you go what do I need to do to recover from what I want to do in life, I think you’ll have a more fulfilling life.”

Ricky says Brady and Belichick are the best of all time

On Tom:
“Yeah, no question about.”
On Bel:
“No doubt about it”

Ricky believes Bell is the greatest running back currently, but Sanders is the best ever

On Bel:
“He’s good, he’s fun to watch yeah…He’s not my favorite, but I think he’s the best right now, He’s fun to watch, he really is…Cause you never know, he kind of waits, waits and then he explodes.”

On Sanders:
“I like, I like Barry Sanders. I think Peyton Manning and Jim Brown are probably top 3..Marshall Faulk is up there too, I think he’s a bit underrated, but probably one of the best players to play in the NFL.”

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