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ATLANTA  — The members of the Ginyard family are serial entrepreneurs, and are proud to announce their newest venture in radio.

Family Empire, their new family based radio show produced by G Minor Studios, will cover family, music, business, ministry, entertainment, and feature special and celebrity guests, artists and bands.

The show will premiere February 1st, 2017. It will air weekly, Wednesdays 8-9PM on Love 860. The official Family Empire website launched January 25th.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Ginyards, chances are that you know of their works in the music industry and Atlanta scene. Together they co-own and operate G Minor Studios Academy of Fine Arts. G Minor is not just a music school specializing in music lessons, vocal, theater and dance – they are one of the largest Artist Development Training Facilities in Gwinnett County. They offer homeschooling to full time aspiring performers. Their list of services includes, but is not limited to, after school program, camps, clinics and workshops.

Their instructors include some of Atlanta’s greatest artists and musicians.  Joycelyn launched her management company, JRoberts Management after 10 years of representing and managing Garrick’s career as a professional musician. JRoberts now has a roster of over 50 artists that they manage, co-manage and work with. In addition to celebrity and local events JRM also focuses on the live band and dinner experience across the city of Atlanta.

BlastHouse is a music venue owned and operated by their two oldest daughters, Brittany and Nicole. The project was started in their family home, hence the name. The girls hosted events, parties and acoustic concerts in their parents’ living room, inviting friends and strangers and booking entertainment. Six years later the project has evolved into an event facility that both girls work full time. They now host everything from concerts, baby showers, church services, teen/community/family events, birthday parties, business gatherings, fitness classes, practice sessions and more.

Their youngest daughter, Brooke, is a Young Entrepreneur in Training (Y.E.T.).

Although she is only 13, she is very active with all of their projects.

Connect with them online to learn more about Garrick, Joycelyn, their family and businesses.







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