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*As a result of President Donald Trump‘s hasty and ill-advised immigration ban, two American basketball players are stranded and unable to rejoin their team in Iran.

That’s because Iran decided to play the same game as Trump by banning Americans from entering Iran, their agent told The Vertical’s Chris Mannix.

As has been reported, on Friday Trump signed an executive order barring citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. And yes, Iran is one of the countries.

As Mannix reports, Joseph Jones, 30, and J.P. Prince, 29, teammates on Azad University Tehan, which plays in the Iran Super League, were on a team-funded break in Dubai when Trump signed the executive order, said Eric Fleisher, the agent for both players.

Before the players could return, Iran issued its ban, preventing the two players from returning to the country.

“At the moment they are stranded,” their agent, Eric Fleisher told The Vertical. “It’s a real hardship.” They would lose more than $100,000 if they are unable to play the rest of the season.

Jones, 30, played on the college level at Texas A&M, while the 29-year-old Prince played at Arizona and Tennessee. Both players are in their first season in Iran.

“We are waiting for clarity from the team,” Fleisher saadded. “It’s tough. It doesn’t look like they can finish the season in Iran. It’s not good to be out of a job. Secondarily, all their things are in Iran. They can’t go back and get them. It’s been difficult.”

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