John Lewis, Obama

Source: Mark Wilson/Getty Images North America-Zimbio

*Georgia congressman John Lewis is finally getting what many believe to be the TV treatment he deserves. The civil rights icon is the focus of a forthcoming new documentary set to air on PBS.

Get in the way: The Journey of John Lewis” aims to tell the story of a civil right pioneer, who led a 26-hour sit-in for gun control, marched with Dr. King, challenged political houses and continues to fight for human rights, per

According to the film’s website, it offers a “highly personalized narrative of an epic chapter in U.S. history.”

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feuds with trump

The biographical documentary will air on PBS as part of the network’s Black History Month programming.

“He is the moving, roaring protector of the rights afforded to every person in this nation. Get in the Way arrives at the perfect time,” actress and activist Alfre Woodard is quoted as saying in the documentary highlights.

Learn more about the film here. Watch the trailer here.

“Get In The Way” airs on Feb. 10.