Grandmother Pens Novel About Nazi Happenings and Black WWII Soldiers, joyce yvette davis

Joyce Yvette Davis Pens Novel About Nazi Happenings and Black WWII Soldiers

*The Lebensborn Experiment: Book I, by Joyce Yvette Davis , deals with two little-known subjects of the Second World War – Lebensborn Homes where Nazis secretly held children kidnapped from surrounding European countries, and the best tank fighters in the U.S. Army – the 761st Tank Battalion, an all-black unit also known as “Patton’s Panthers.” The book intertwines fiction with historical facts and has something for sci-fi enthusiasts as well.

In the final days of the war, ten-year-old Adok Makowski is set to awaken from death after being injected with a serum that painfully takes his life. Meanwhile, Sergeant Kapp Johnson, a captured African American awaiting execution, is mistakenly injected with the same serum. What happens next is a non-stop action adventure that one Amazon reader said he “didn’t want to put it down.”

“I enjoyed the book,” said Linda Engelke, Reference Librarian at the Paul A. Biane Library at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga, California. “The characterizations were nicely filled in and the plot was intriguing and kept my attention. It was frightening to read about the truth behind the fiction, and imagine that the fiction Davis wrote might be possible.” The Lebensborn Experiment is now available at the library to be checked out, and will soon be available in libraries nationwide. It is also available on and in paperback, eBook and audio versions (

The historical fiction novel is the first in a series that will span the past 70 years. The next book, The Lebensborn Experiment: Alliances, due in 2018, will follow the lives of the main characters in book one, and will chronicle the Civil Rights Movement and the assassinations’ of King and Kennedy.

Davis is a self-published author. Her book was published by Abbott Press, an Indie publisher in partnership with Writer’s Digest Magazine. Ms. Davis was born in Detroit, Michigan on March 27, 1959. She is the youngest female and the sixth child of seven siblings. She has a son and a grandson and is currently living in Upland, California.

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The Lebensborn Experiment: Book I
By Joyce Yvette Davis
Paperback: 226 pages
Publisher: AbbottPress
ISBN-10: 1458213676
ISBN-13: 978-1458213679
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