singer hints at engagement

*K.Michelle took to Instagram over the weekend to drop hints that she’s engaged to Dr. Kastan Sims.

The singer, songwriter, and former “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star is reportedly dating the dentist who hails from Memphis. Sims is also featured this season on her reality show.

Posing in front of a mirror in a form-fitting two-piece grey ensemble, she wrote: “When your fiancé catches you playing in the mirror.”

Below is a a clip from her show, where she discusses wanting more children.

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oes 3 million

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Jason Alston and Lincoln Hayes allege to be Blac Chyna’s managers, and that she owes them $3 million in unpaid service fees. The men are threatening to sue the former stripper if she doesn’t pay up.

Alston and Hayes claim Chyna signed a 10-year deal with them back in 2007 that legally gives them 50% of her earnings.

Per TMZ:

The men claim they discovered her when she was stripping in D.C. and helped her score covers on Black Men and Straight Stuntin magazines. This was all before she hit it big and got in with the Kardashians — but under the deal they’re still her managers, and they want their cut.

Alston and Hayes claim she owes them at least $3 mil in unpaid fees — they can’t pinpoint the exact amount because they believe she’s made deals without them. They’re threatening to sue if she doesn’t pay up by June.