Andrew Caldwell (L) and Kim Burrell

Andrew Caldwell (L) and Kim Burrell

*Gospel singer Kim Burrell has been hit with with a defamation lawsuit by Andrew Caldwell, whose proclamation “I’m not gay no more, I’ve been ‘delivert’!” made him a viral sensation.

Burrell mentioned Caldwell last month during her controversial and costly sermon against homosexuality, implying that his animated display of “deliverance” from homosexuality was an example of the “enemy” making a “mockery of the church.”

Burrell preached: “The minute somebody comes up with a deaf and dumb spirit, a mute spirit, one that can’t even talk that has a perverted spirit saying that ‘I am delivered,’ he goes all the way to Jimmy Kimmel. You think the enemy is not trying to make a mockery of the church?”

In response, Caldwell took to Facebook Live and announced that he had served Burrell with a subpoena during church and plans to follow it up with the filing of a restraining order.

Watch below:

The blog Straight From the A posted a photo of Caldwell’s restraining order filed January 9, in St. Louis County, Missouri.

In the document, he claims that Burrell harassed him on “Facebook, Twitter and all social media outlets. … She went on national tv to defame me. She called me dumb and stupid and said I was going to die this year. …I am afraid that she might take the mic again and defame me in front of thousands of people. My lawer (sic) is in the process of sending her a cease and desist letter. Her video appeared on CNN, Fox News, E News, Ellen Degeneres, TMZ & BET.”