Lil Mo

Lil Mo

*Reps have finally confirmed reports that singer Chrisette Michele will perform at the Inauguration Ball for incoming President Donald Trump, and mixed among the backlash she’s been receiving is a rare voice of support.

Through her “Fam in the Morning” show on Washington DC’s WKYS, fellow r&b singer Lil Mo got emotional while defending her good friend, comparing Michele’s treatment to the condemnation of Jesus Christ and stressing that Michele has always been about love.

“When a person like a Chrisette, who’s a friend of mine, who’s put more money in my pocket than some of the people who owe me money….the way I saw her being attacked on social media, I took it personal,” said Mo.

She then read a message from Michele on her phone: “She was like, ‘If anyone wants to know, I am in a good space. God is so much greater and hopefully there will be a chance to be the salt and the light. It’s my only responsibility on this planet.’”

Listen to Lil Mo’s passionate defense of Michele below: