fraud teen doctor

*19-year old Malachi Love-Robinson is already facing charges for masquerading as a doctor, and now the young hustler has been arrested again, this time for car fraud.

Malachi is back in the news for trying to illegally buy a $35,000 Jaguar, authorities said Wednesday. He was arrested on Sept. 9 in Stafford, Virginia, after allegedly providing a fake earnings statement at a car dealership, the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office said in a release when he was arrested.

You might remember him as the teen who pretended to be a doctor and opened his own medical office in Florida. Love-Robinson was arrested after giving an undercover officer a medical exam and medical advice. This was his third time impersonating a healthcare professional who targeted the elderly and scammed them for thousands of dollars.

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fraud teen doctor

Love-Robinson is currently facing charges that include two counts of practicing medicine without a license, two counts of practicing naturopathy without a license, three counts of forgery, two counts of grand theft from a person 65 or older, and three counts of fraudulent use of personal identification information.

He was indicted this week by a grand jury for attempting to fraudulently purchase a Jaguar from a dealership. reports that at the time, Love-Robinson was accompanied by an elderly woman who he allegedly identified as his mother.

“The employees there because suspicious of the situation due to some of the things Mr. Love-Robinson was saying,” the sheriff’s office said in a release. “They Googled his name and found that a subject with the same name had been arrested numerous times on fraud type charges in the State of Florida.”

Upon being questioned, the unidentified elderly woman said she did not agree to co-sign any car loan. She was surprised when the investigators discovered that “there were two other loan applications submitted in the last couple days with her information.”

Police later found Love-Robinson had used her credit card to purchase two iPads.

He is scheduled to be arraigned on January 20.