Malia Obama attends a State Dinner in honor of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. (

Malia Obama attends a White House State Dinner in honor of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. (March 2016)

*Malia Obama continues to make headlines during her gap year with Sunday’s buzz-worthy visit to an African American art exhibit at The Met.

According to Page Six, the eldest daughter of former president Barack Obama attended the final day of the “Kerry James Marshall: Mastry” exhibit at the Met Breuer, which is the Metropolitan Museum’s contemporary art venue.

An onlooker says the 18-year-old caused a stir while making her way through the crowded space.

“A lot of people sneaking pictures,” the insider described. “A lot of people buzzing about it. Walking around, ‘Did you see Malia? Malia Obama’s here!’ People approaching her, at least as far as I could see, to directly take a picture or ask questions or whatever, was pretty minimal.”

When asked, “she seemed very polite,” we’re told.

“I did hear that at some point she seemed to get a little overwhelmed with the picture-taking,” the insider added. “But overall, people seemed to be very respectful.”


The Met

According to the spy, Obama attended the exhibit with a blond friend and they stayed for at least two hours.

The museum confirmed that Obama was in attendance and brought her own security, though a source noted, “I didn’t see any noticeable Secret Service agents. I didn’t see any noticeable guards of any sort. If they were there, they were either far away or completely undercover. She was there just with this one friend going from art piece to art piece.”

According to Page Six, museum employees were also excited by Obama’s presence.

“One person said, ‘That’s Barack Obama’s daughter! I’m just happy to see her.’ That was the general sort of whatever everyone was saying, as if she was a long-lost relative,” the insider quipped.