Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

*It lasted only a split second, but that was all Twitter needed to pause, screenshot and meme Michelle Obama’s brief look into the camera during the Obamas’ greeting of the new first couple at the White House…and that look was just the beginning of a full day of delightful shade from our former FLOTUS.

When Melania Trump presented Mrs. Obama with a gift from Tiffany and Co., the former first lady frantically looked around for somewhere to stash it for the obligatory photo op, briefly making eye contact with the pool camera…just like the characters on “The Office.”

Twitter interpreted the look as one of annoyance…like, “Why would she give me this to hold right now, when we’re about to do our photo op?”

Memes ensued:

Below, watch the look happen in real time:

And then there was Michelle Obama’s expressions during the inauguration, which also captured the imagination of Twitter: