oscar statues (outside)

*Earlier today a #NotMyOscars press conference was held in front of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences headquarters in Beverly Hills.

Najee Ali, one of the leading civil rights activists in Los Angeles CA and the director of Project Islamic HOPE, a grassroots civil rights group, along with a coalition of groups and activists were there to launch a national boycott and protest of the 2017 Oscar’s.

Ali, was the lead organizer of last year’s successful Oscar’s boycott and has been at the forefront in recent years demanding and forcing Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences CEO Cheryl Boone Isaac’s to increase diversity within the academy membership.

At the press conference it was announced that this years Oscars  protest will be held on Sunday at 2pm at the intersection of Sunset and Highland.

Participating will be the National Action Network, the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable and a multi racial  coalition of activists, according to Najee Ali, who identified himself as the “lead organizer” of the coalition.

Here are some of the issues as outlined by Project Islamic Hope’s Najee Ali:

“Our coalition is pleased that after years of absence and protests, African-American actors are finally being recognized with Oscar nominations for their work. But what about the lack of nominations for Latino,  Asian Americans, and other under-represented groups?

“Hollywood is still a racist institution at the top with the major studios refusing to even cast Latino and Asian-Americans in meaningful roles, which means they don’t even have a chance to work to even be nominated. The Trump administration has more diversity than Hollywood and this year’s nominees.

“Our fight is for the continued inclusion of all underrepresented minority groups . This includes members of the Muslim American community, who have been demonized, and largely portrayed unfairly as terrorists by Hollywood for decades.

“It’s important that we demand more diversity and balance in the imagery and story’s that Hollywood studios greenlight for production.

“Our goal is to continue to shame and embarrass Hollywood internationally on it’s biggest night. That’s why this boycott and protest is so important this year.  This is #NotMyOscars”