*President-elect Donald Trump in a telephone interview with the New York Times days before his inauguration delivered a blunt message to Congress, “We have to get to business, “Obamacare has been a catastrophic event.” Trump demanded that Congress immediately repeal and replace President Obama’s signature and landmark achievement, the Affordable Care Act.

But what happens if, and when, Congress does repeal it? Political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson in his latest ebook, The End of Obamacare? (Amazon Kindle, 2017) Takes a hard look at the colossal impact repeal of the law will have on millions of Americans who have benefited from Obamacare.

Hutchinson insists, “The outcome of the Obamacare wars will have as its greatest beneficiaries or, in the case of repeal, its greatest victims, the poor, low income workers, and most importantly, African-Americans and Hispanics.”

The stakes in the wars, then, have been monumental, even one of life and death for many, Hutchinson says. The End of Obamacare? walks the reader through what it took to get the law, what it took to keep it, why it was needed, and who the law has literally has been a life saver for. It’s a compact, no-holds-barred Obamacare political advocacy guide that tells why the fight for health care has stoked such fierce, white hot passions, hysterical opposition and aroused such hard-nosed efforts from the White House down to maintain it.

Hutchinson notes that the cost of repealing Obamacare would be enormous, “The taxpaying public which would pay in the form of higher taxes and higher insurance coverage costs.” But, he says, there’s more, “It has also been a bonanza for just about any business even remotely related to health care: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical device manufacturers and suppliers, home palliative care and mental health care providers, medical billing services, physicians, hospitals, and many insurers. That’s tens of thousands of more individuals who have profited from Obamacare.”

Hutchinson concludes that the plan then to repeal Obamacare would toss health care back into the wild and wooly free market, accompanied by deep slashes in Medicaid funding, voucher plans to the states, and tax credits for low income persons that would amount to only a pitiful handful of dollar savings. This nightmare scenario would once again tag America as the one nation among the world advanced nations that tell millions of Americans that health care is anything but a right, unless your pockets are deep enough to pay for it.

The End of Obamacare? presents a riveting look at the ferocious Obamacare wars and the monumental stakes involved in the outcome of those wars for millions of Americans.


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