Nicole Beharie hosts 'Afro-PoP' on WORLD Channel.

Nicole Beharie hosts ‘Afro-PoP’ on WORLD Channel.

*“AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange,” produced by Angela Tucker and directed by Duana Butler with support of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and National Endowment for the Arts, rolls into this season on the WORLD Channel this Monday, January 16, with George Potter and Andy Adkins’ gripping “An American Ascent.”

It highlights the first African-American team of climbers as they attempt to summit Denali, North America’s highest peak, challenging their personal limits as well as society’s notions of what a mountaineer looks like.

Surely missed from “Sleepy Hollow” is its former star Nicole “Nikki” Beharie and but has not let any grass grow underneath her feet. Beharie hosts this season’s “AfroPoP” and invites viewers to journey through different parts of the African Diaspora for a look at contemporary life, art and culture. A new episode—with peeks into life in different countries, including the USA, the Bahamas, Ethiopia, Guinea, and Rwanda—premieres each Monday from January 16 through February 15.

Scene from 'An American Ascent.'

Scene from ‘An American Ascent.’

On January 23, “Intore” directed by Eric Kabera, is a look at how music and dance are being used to help further the cause of reconciliation in Rwanda following the horrific 1994 genocidal killings. Other films include, Tyler Johnston and Miquel Galofre’s “My Father’s Land,” Eva Weber’s documentary “Black Girl,” Olivia Peace’s narrative short “Pangaea,” and “Omo Child: The River and the Bush” by John Rowe. For more info, go to:,,

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