Autumn Matacchiera

Autumn Matacchiera

*Let’s file this under people have openly begun to lose their damn mind. Anytime a person take’s someone else’s kid — let alone ANY kid — and throws them onto the tracks of an oncoming train, I mean, WTF?

But this is what a New Jersey woman allegedly did, according to ABC6.

Thank goodness the 5-year-old girl was rescued in time.

The 20-year-old sicko has been identified as Autumn Matacchiera. Police had been alerted to the station on a suspicious activity report by a bus operator; when he spotted the woman near the light rail platform at the Burlington Town Station on High and Broad streets around  8:30pm on Saturday.

As the woman saw the police approaching, she grabbed the little girl, who was standing with her mother, and threw her onto the tracks.

Reports say the mom’s boyfriend actually rescued the child, and arriving police jumped onto the tracks and signaled for the train to stop.


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