*My Dear Madame Secretary and Former First Lady,

From the YouTube announcement of your intention to live in the White House again, I kept abreast of your trials and tribulations throughout the momentous journey.  I was a fervent supporter of your recent bid for the Presidency and remain a fairly fine-tuned political/current events activist.

In utter disbelief, I continue to be amazed at the senseless and irresponsible chatter your GOP opponent, Donald Trump, has spewed with illegitimate rancor and indignation … throughout the entire campaign.  Relentlessly, he mocked, he ranted, he misled, but mostly he simply lied about you and many of your supporters and staff.  Anything to incriminate you, regardless of validation, he did so with spontaneity and showmanship.

I fully appreciate and comprehend the decision for you and your husband to attend the inauguration.  It is, under most circumstances, the patriotic and polite move to make.  Needless to say, this campaign season has been anything but customary.  With the raucous and seemingly “wired” behavior of Mr. Trump and cadre, they exceeded the speed limit of intolerance and disregard for human kindness.  I would offer that he and the likes of him be cited with a warning that he has obviously never been given previously.

With the semblance of  spoiled children accustomed to having their way with no penalty, the former real estate mogul needs to be subjected to unabashed acts of reality with appendages of embarrassment.   His questionable ascendency and temperament just days away from becoming Commander-In-Chief needs to grasp and learn that a leader of the free world cannot engage the people; take them for granted; then, disrespect and denounce them, simultaneously.

On behalf of what I would conclude is an overwhelmingly large number of your constituency, as well as many who were not, your reversal of the decision to attend the President-elect’s inaugural would be vigorously approved and applauded. We understand the protocol and expectations for such an event.  Concurrently, your countermand would send a clear signal that the game has changed… largely because the Republicans broke so many of the rules of what they used to be.  Undeniably, the GOP has decimated the intention of bi-partisanship.

Your absence would tell both political parties, the American people and the world that “this time” it’s going to be different. The shameful and unscrupulous antics that Republicans have utilized, especially over the last eight years, should be singled out with repudiation. Our adherence to civil and mindful rules of conduct and appreciation has allowed them to wittingly usurp our positions on morality and qualifications for real leadership.

As evidence continues to mount, proving that unethical missteps were utilized against you and other Democrats, I am confident, Madame Secretary, you can still break that figurative ceiling.  For your countless efforts already made to enrich our nation’s populace, your individual decline to appear at upcoming ceremony would incline millions to turn failures of the past into success stories of the future.

I implore you to re-think my suggestion.  “Yes’, it’s still time to make the announcement.

Thank you for your anticipated consideration, I am


Chris Jones.

Registered Democrat,

Proud American.

chris jones

Chris Jones

Chris Jones, a native New Yorker residing in Los Angeles has written consistently about his observations of ethics and culture in the urban community. A political science enthusiast and staunch supporter of voter registration, his professional background includes senior level appointments for promotion and marketing responsibilities at Island, Motown and Warner Bros record companies, respectively. Response to his commentary can be forwarded to: [email protected].