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This is what a feminist looks like in the 21st century. Very respectable. So…is this coat from the Sesame Street Collection?

*Every time I hear the word “feminism,” uncontrollable vomit instantly saturates my lungs. It’s not that I’m against gender equality. I’m not a misogynist (not completely anyway).

I’m not close-minded. I’m not a bully. And contrary to what many of you ladies may think, I haven’t been scorned by some soul-sucking woman. However, I am without doubt, 100 percent allergic to bullsh*t, and as far as I’m concerned, the women’s rights march that recently took place in Washington was a poor excuse for thousands of loudmouthed dames to gather and whine about how much they’re mistreated and undervalued by men.

And speaking of loudmouthed little girls, I have a lot to say about Ms. Keke Palmer (pictured above), who claims to be a feminist — go figure.

Once again, she’s making headlines for all the wrong reasons (because her career is certainly not worth discussing.) Watch me address these issues in the video essay below.

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