leedaniels - paris jackson

It appears that Paris Jackson belongs in the liar category, too along with the cabal occupying the White House .

We say that because just a day or so after we posted a story where she denied that she had been approached by Lee Daniels to appear on his new Fox series, “Star,” she has been confirmed to do just that. “Star” … TMZ has learned.

Sources say Paris met with Daniels last week for a screen test on the “Empire” spin-off and obviously she did well.

She’s already in Atlanta filming but it’s unclear how big the role is or how many episodes she’ll be shooting. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Paris is going in the direction of acting, as that’s been one of her stated goals. In fact, she’s been taking acting classes for years.

In other news, don’t get in Tank‘s face if you don’t like the stench coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Nope, you don’t wanna do that ’cause the singer/actor says America got what it deserved.

TMZ caught up with him at Nightingale Plaza nightclub in WeHo Sunday and he has no sympathy for people who are upset with Trump‘s Muslim ban, because they didn’t do what they needed to do 2 months ago.