Jay Bowdy

*According to reports, up and coming actor Jay Bowdy took his own life during a Facebook Live stream.

His final words reportedly addressed having his first child at age 18 and getting married at 25. He had two children from previous relationships and four with his wife.

While the reason for his suicide and the method by which he carried it out is not yet known, a woman named Ruthlyn wrote a letter to her late friend expressing remorse over the death.

“I feel like I have failed you as a friend and for that I am truly sorry. In the time we spent together, there were some true heart to hearts,” she wrote.

She then went on, “I’m not one to express much, but I feel the need to because my heart is so heavy. My open letter to you. Though I haven’t known you long, we built a relationship that was strong. I’m sitting here looking through our last text messages and trying to figure out where I went wrong, what I missed, what I could have done differently to have been there for you in your time of need.”

“I will try to remember the good times we spent together and I will always remember our laughs and your smile. I pray that you are resting peacefully. I’m sorry I wasn’t there. The last text you sent to me was, “Be great friend” and I promise you that I will… for you and for me.”

Below, is Bowdy’s last Instagram post:

Just me being me and staying ready for all the challenges. #ActorsLife #NotOffDay #hustler #EatorGetAte

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Below is Bowdy’s bio from IMDB:

Frederick Jay Bowdy was born in San Antonio, Texas, the first of two children of Lisa (Felton), and Frederick Eugene Bowdy, and the fifth of nine biological and step siblings of Tanya (Calloway). He grew up in multiple areas, including south Arlington and mostly in South Fort Worth. Jay attended Trimble Tech High School located in the south section of Fort Worth, Texas.

Pursuing basketball, he was able to escape the streets of south Fort Worth with the attendance of Southwestern Christian College and University of West Georgia; receiving Associates and Bachelors from the respective schools. He would later attend University of Texas in Arlington to receive his Masters. With all the success with schooling, he was still left short with basketball with new and reoccurring injuries.

Luckily, in summer of 2014, he met Fred Tee, who had an idea of Jay performing in a short – film using his looks and height to bring a spark to the film. Bowdy loved the idea and the pursuit to become a legitimized actor. Since his start he has done over 15 projects, and was also a finalist for reality shows The Island on NBC and Big Brother 17 on CBS. In summer 2015, he secured the lead role in independent feature films Prepper and Social Path.