*If you live for a great action movie then you will definitely love “Resident Evil, The Final Chapter.” Based on the popular video game by Capcom the final installment in the Resident Evil series adds to the amazing film legacy, contributing to the gross profit of the series charting at over $1 billion throughout box offices worldwide.

The film, written by Paul W.S. Anderson and produced by Jeremy Bolt, Robert Kulzer and Samuel Hadida features an all star cast which includes Milla Jovovich, Ruby Rose, Shawn Roberts, Eoin Macken, Fraser James, William Levy and so many more!

EURweb.com correspondent, Loren LoRosa talked zombies, girl power and family secretes with some of the cast at the recent Los Angeles premiere. After speaking to producer Paul Anderson, as he openly shared his thoughts on developing such a unique lead character like Alice we quickly began to understand why the film series has been so successful thus far!

“What I wrote in the very 1st film was a character with memory lost, I gave Milla a blank slate! What has happened over the last 6 films is that she’s really poured herself into her character so she’s really help to create that character which is a really a unique thing for an actress to do!”

Milla who has brought her character Alice to life throughout the 6 film series is not only known on set as a she-hero but she’s also built up the reputation of an unapollegetic, she-hero who is fire guns, fighting off zombies and taking names as she tries to discover the truth about the infamous Umbrella company.

Her co star, Ruby Rose, tells EURweb how it was so amazing working beside so much girl power! Ruby Rose chuckles a bit as she thinks back to 2002 when the first Resident Evil film was produced, a time when critics were not so ready for a female lead in an action movie..

“Wow, 2002 thats wild I understood it then because I remember watching it and being like I relate to this, this is inspiring, these girls have each others back!”

Despite the critics the 6 film series went on to be a super success and the actresses who helped to contribute to this success have learned so much about themselves in the process!

“I was a big fan of the video game, I played it with my little brother! We came in being fans of the game so we just thought what an amazing movie, its outside of Hollywood, and the fact that these females had such a strong league— I thought wow, women can do this, I can do this!” – Milla Jovovich

Resident Evil The Final Chapter  premieres in theaters Friday Jan. 27! Be sure to check it out.