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Revolt agency is finding a new and interactive way to use social engagement tactics to engage with millenials

*Newly-established Revolt PR is a communications agency revolting against cook-square, dogmatic campaigns. Revolt agency is finding a new and interactive way to use social engagement tactics to engage with millennials.

Social justice is culturally significant to millennials and how they interact with brands. Influenced by culture, the agency created a business culture to promote values of integrity and diversity while focusing social causes.

What positions Revolt PR a leader amongst its peers is the belief in social justice and impeccable CSR practices that support both the agency employees and clients.

This will give Revolt a chance to pivot when needed to represent the very best LA has to offer. Revolt PR believes worthwhile public relations efforts have no ending, but continue to grow and evolve in its effectiveness.

With creative minds that stand on the premise of humanity and culture, the agency employs digital marketing and communication that is fused with creativity to revolt for your brand.

Joseph Benjamin, the founder of Revolt PR, says, “Anyone looking to have their content disseminated in a way that resonates with millennials on an authentic level should reach out to us.

Our agency brings joint-expertise spanning the area of public affairs, communications research methods, and is well-versed in street culture. We know the streets because we are by-products of the streets, we understand millennials, because we are millennials.”

Revolt Public Relations is a non-traditional public relations agency that seeks to engage and inspire as much as inform. Through personalized coaching and creative incentive with clients and employees, success can be achieved. Revolt builds and crafts its PR tactics that are above industry standard; it also employs digital marketing and communication efforts that fuse with our desire to cause the revolution for your brand.

“Zero could be the start of everything”- Revolt PR

The dissemination of content is vital to the success of a brand, carefully crafting a message that resonates and engages with millennials is what Revolt PR strives to achieve.

Helping companies and organizations accelerate their growth, profitability, reputation and market presence through media relations, product launches, new media, events and promotions, messaging and media training, trade show support, and issues management.

Revolt PR is a Los Angeles, CA-based company that provides public relations services to General Business, Events & Entertainment Division, Technology, and Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle divisions.

Since 2015, Revolt PR has consistently challenged itself to produce greater results. Revolt PR has been proven to specialize in marketing to millennials.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Joseph Benjamin at 213-587-0207 or email at [email protected]





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