Samantha Bee can't understand Bo Bice

Samantha Bee can’t understand Bo Bice’s tears over being called “white boy” (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee)

*Samantha Bee picked apart former “American Idol” contestant Bo Bice and his literal cry of reverse racism in an unaired “Full Frontal” segment skewering white people who “feel their concerns have been ignored.”

In the sketch cut for time from Wednesday’s episode, Bee chided Bice for accusing an African American Popeye’s employee of racism after hearing her say, “He’s already got his [order], that white boy over there.”

“Wait, that’s it?” Bee said. “They didn’t deny you service or dump food on your head like it was a lunch counter sit-in?”

Bee then went to town on so-called “white fragility” overall, accusing Bice of “playing the victim card yourself the moment your dainty white feelings are disrespected in the slightest.”

Watch below: