*Sherri Shepherd is in danger of ruining her child support hustle thanks to the message she wrote on her recent Christmas card, according to TMZ.

Her ex-husband, Lamar Sally, has been trying for months to move the child support case for their surrogate baby from New Jersey to California, where the monthly checks are bigger.

The actress is trying to keep the case in New Jersey, saying the state is her place of residence. But oops…Sherri sent out Christmas cards last month indicating that she’s already moved to Los Angeles, TMZ reports.

Lamar’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, took note of that in a new legal challenge, the website reported, and Sherri is trying to divert attention from her screwup by putting Lamar’s online dating profile on blast … a profile in which he brags about earning between $75,000 and $100,000 annually.

As previously reported, the support payments are for a child that Sherri tried to disavow, claiming she was defrauded into making a surrogacy contract … a claim the judge rejected.