*It’s all about the Knowles sisters for the Feb 2017 issue of Interview magazine. Solange graces the cover, and her elder sister, Beyonce, conducted the interview.

Bey was traveling from Philadelphia to New York for a parent-teacher conference in December when she called her sister to discuss growing up together on Parkwood Dr. in Houston, and the inspiration behind her Billboard 200 chart-topping album “A Seat at The Table.”

“For this record specifically, it really started with wanting to unravel some truths and some untruths,” Solange explains. “There were things that had been weighing heavy on me for quite some time. And I went into this hole, trying to work through some of these things so that I could be a better me and be a better mom to Julez and be a better wife and a better friend and a better sister. Which is a huge part of why I wanted you to interview me for this piece. Because the album really feels like storytelling for us all and our family and our lineage. And having mom and dad speak on the album, it felt right that, as a family, this closed the chapter of our stories.”

The sisters point out similarities in their father, Mathew Knowles, and rap mogul Master P, both of whom appear on Solange’s album, as well as the meaning behind the album’s standout single “Cranes in the Sky.”

Written eight years ago in Miami, “Cranes” marked a transitional period in Solange’s life when she was ending the relationship with the father of her son Julez. “There was a new condo going up every ten feet. You recorded a lot there as well, and I think we experienced Miami as a place of refuge and peace. We weren’t out there wilin’ out and partying,” Solange recalls.

“I remember looking up and seeing all of these cranes in the sky,” she continues. “They were so heavy and such an eyesore, and not what I identified with peace and refuge. I remember thinking of it as an analogy for my transition — this idea of building up, up, up that was going on in our country at the time, all of this excessive building, and not really dealing with what was in front of us. And we all know how that ended. That crashed and burned. It was a catastrophe. And that line came to me because it felt so indicative of what was going on in my life as well.”

Early in the interview, Beyoncé recalled thinking, “My little sister is going to be something super special.” Solange credited her ambitious attitude to growing up as “the baby of the family” and following her instincts.

“I remember being really young and having this voice inside that told me to trust my gut,” the Saint Records founder explained. “And my gut has been really, really strong in my life. It’s pretty vocal and it leads me. Sometimes I haven’t listened, and those times didn’t end up very well for me. I think all of our family — you and mom — we’re all very intuitive people. A lot of that comes through our mother, her always following her gut, and I think that spoke to me really loudly at a young age and encouraged me to do the same.”

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