angela hawkins

Det. Angels Hawkins

*A St. Louis cop (Angela Hawkins) and her entire department are set to be sued by a young woman (Kayla Robinson) who was subjected to a vaginal search on the road after being pulled over for an illegal U-turn.

I just got pulled over for the same thing…though I’m still investigating what was ‘illegal’ about it! I mean really, where will this sh*t end?

I am personally sick of writing stories about police officers who abuse their badge. I am sick of hearing these stories, because I hate that they exist. But they do, dammit. They always have, and unfortunately, they most likely always will.

Of course the victim was a Black woman, and the offensive cop was white. The incident happened in 2012. Kayla Robinson, 24, was driving a car carrying herself and two friends. According to Hawkins, the illegal U-turn was made in order to avoid a police checkpoint. The officer said she witnessed Robinson attempt to hide a bag of weed in her underwear, and a small rock of crack with her foot.

As it turns out, Robinson did turn over a bag of marijuana, but told the officer she didn’t have any crack. Dissatisfied, the female officer told the woman she would be searched, and called for backup to bring her a pair of rubber gloves.

A male officer showed up and watched as Robinson, begging to be taken to the station for the search, was forcibly shoved against the car and humiliated as the cop searched her vagina.

To no avail. No crack. So what does an officer do?

Arrest you. 

Why do I always expect better from a female cop? Now I’m no dummy. Yes, the woman had marijuana on her. Perhaps that was why she was arrested. But here’s the thing. Just consider it, OK? If marijuana was going to get her arrested anyway, why didn’t that happen automatically? Then they’d be at the station, where a cavity search could take place.

Am I making a bit too much sense here?

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