*If you missed it, White nationalist Richard Spencer‘s face got a direct message from some unknown dude’s fist. Yes, he got sucker-punched during the inaugural festivities for President Donald Trump on Friday.

A video shared on social media shows Spencer discussing the “White lives matter” movement while he’s being harassed and heckled by onlookers. One person called Spencer a Nazi and Spencer corrected the person, claiming that Nazis actually hate him.

As Spencer continued talking about the impact Pepe the Frog (the alt-right’s cartoon mascot) had during the election, an unidentified white man dressed in a black hoodie with a black cloth over his face approached Spencer and punched him in the face. Spencer went down and the hero, er, perpetrator quickly ran away.

Spencer, a leader of the so-called “alt-right” movement, has come under political attack for his white nationalism and his targeting of professors. He notoriously held a gathering of neo-Nazis and white nationalists shortly after the election not far from the White House.

Spencer’s final remarks led the crowd in a chant of “Hail Trump!” in which audience members raised their hands in a Nazi salute. Spencer’s mother has also come under fire in her Montana town and white nationalists have tried to organize a rally in support.

Check out how the sucker-punch to Spencer was turned into a now viral video to mock him:

Here’s Spencer’s reaction to the sucker-punch:

richard spencer tweet response to sucker punch

h/t: theJasmineBrand