*This Saturday, January 21, 2017, defenders of human rights,  women, men and children, will unite in Washington, DC and over 200 sister cities around the country for the Women’s March.

The LA march is starting at Pershing Square, 5th Street between Hill & Olive, at 9 a.m.  www.womensmarchla.org.

womens march los angeles

A Facebook friend posted some good tips that I thought were important to share.  We know that we’re marching in peace but you never know about other agendas.  These are her tips:

  • Keep your cool.
  • Do not offer personal information to unsolicited requests.
  • Stay to the edges of the crowd.
  • Have a meet-up-if-you-get-separated plan.
  • Do not count on your cellphones for this purpose.
  • Write important information on your forearm in Sharpie. (Emergency contact, drug allergies, etc.) It will wash off eventually. In fact, bring a Sharpie with you to share with others for this purpose.  (I’m not sure about this one. Seems like you can carry that info in your pocket)
  • Stay hydrated and never pass up an opportunity to use a toilet.
  • Wear the right shoes and don’t carry anything you can’t lose.
  • LISTEN to the energy and calmly leave the vicinity if you have any doubts about anything. (These are intended to be peaceful gatherings but there have been intimations that infiltrators will try to incite violence and make it look like the protestors caused it. Use your own judgment on this one.)
  • Please copy and paste to share. I know a lot of you are planning to take part in these events in DC and your hometowns. We all need you to return home safely.
  • Water makes pepper spray worse. Use milk or liquid antacid and water. Don’t wear contacts.
  •  If you get tear gassed, when you get home, put the contaminated clothes in a plastic bag for later decontamination and shower with cold water to avoid opening your pores.
  • Come with friends and don’t get separated. Avoid leaving the crowd and watch out for police snatch squads.
  • Beware undercovers, but beware Snitch Jacketing and collaborator ‘peace police’ even more.
  • If police start surrounding your group get out fast to avoid getting kettled. If arrested exercise your Fifth Amendment to protect yourself and others.