*(Via NY Daily News) – Donald Trump did not reveal anything at his press conference — except that the press won’t ever be able to reveal anything about Donald Trump.

Part-bully, part-scold, Trump did what he does best: He used the force of his own ego to silence anyone who is not in service to that ego.

He didn’t answer questions. He questioned the questions themselves. When asked if Russian President Vladimir Putin has anything on him, he turned the question back on the reporter: “Does anyone in this room really think Hillary Clinton would be tougher on Vladimir Putin than Donald Trump?”

Later, when asked about the report that he hired prostitutes in a Russian hotel, he did the same thing, “Does anyone really believe that story?” Again, that’s not an answer; it’s a question.

And of course no one in the press answered — reporters lob the questions, not answer them — but the technique is telling because reporters simply don’t know what to do when their questions aren’t answered.

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