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*“On Monday, he will move into the White House, continuing his long tradition of evicting black families,” said Triumph the Insult Comic Dog as he rolled through the crowds at Donald Trump’s Inauguration.

And he was just getting started.

In a “Make America Great Again” hat tilted to the side, the trash-talking puppet (and his handler Robert Smigel) worked the “overweight , overage, predominantly white” crowd and proceeded to viciously skewer them for a “Conan” segment.

“If a Walmart could vomit, this is what it would look like,” he said as the camera panned over white people dressed in American flag garb.

The roasting goes on for more than 7 minutes. Upon seeing former President Bill Clinton, Triumph joked it was, “a stark reminder of a more dignified, gentile administration when vaginas were probed by cigar, not by hand.”

Watch below: