*Let’s start your week off with a feel-good video. Aww, c’mon, I know you’ve probably just finished lunch and have to go back to the office, but don’t hate, congratulate! This is one very happy doggie.

Actually, on your next break, take a look at the video and play a little game with me called, “I wonder what this doggie would say if he could talk?”

I’ll start.

Doggie thoughts are…

“I know it sounds like I am snoring, but listen carefully, do you hear the ‘Om?”‘ I’m in my Zen zone.

Ah, yes, right there. If you only knew what a tough week I’ve had. Running from cars because those stupid drivers don’t believe dogs should go on walks by themselves. Chasing rabbits and fighting with cats. Ouch! Sorry. You just touched me where that crazy black cat scratched me yesterday.

As you were.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Under the chin. That’s good.

This gives a whole new meaning to a dog’s life. 🙂 Trust us, you’ll wanna see this.

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